Studies & Presentations


WRC19 Satellite Wednesday: Satellite Spectrum for DTT & DTH Broadcasting

Presentation prepared by Thabo Makenete, Multichoice for the WRC19 thematic seminar "Satellites in Action"

WRC19 Satellite Wednesday: C-Band Frequency Spectrum Requirements for the Safe Provision of Air Navigation Services within Africa

Presentation prepared by GSC and ASECNA for the WRC19 thematic seminar "Satellites in Action"

WRC19 Satellite Wednesday: The Role of Satellite Communications in Our Work

Saving Lives - Protecting Rights - Building a Better Future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities, stateless people

Jovica Todorovic, ICT Officer, UNHCR Egypt Office

26 GHz mmWave Unwanted Emissions Study

The study seeks to evaluate achievable performance with available filter technology with respect to various unwanted emission requirements & determine whether any Guard Band might be required beyond the current 250MHz band between 24.00 & 24.25GHz

Analysis of the World-Wide Licensing and Usage of IMT Spectrum

As we approach the next WRC in 2019, mobile operators continue to face growing demand for data services, and are seeking access to additional IMT spectrum. This paper updates our previous analysis and examines what progress has been made.


Preliminary GSC position for WRC-19 on AI 1.5


Preliminary GSC position for WRC-19 on AI 1.13


Preliminary GSC position for WRC-19 on AI 9.1


Preliminary GSC position for WRC-19 on AI 1.6


Preliminary GSC position for WRC-19 on AI 1.16


Preliminary GSC position for WRC-19 on AI 7


Preliminary GSC position for WRC-19 on AI 1.14


Preliminary GSC position for WRC-19 on AI 1.12


Preliminary GSC position for WRC-19 on AI 1.10

GSC position L-Band

Preliminary GSC position on L-Band

Assessment of c-band usage in Asian countries

The study assesses the number and characteristics of user antennas operating in C-band in Asia. More specifically in India, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, as well as the economic value and socio-economic benefits which accrue from the services provided.

C-band TVROs

The purpose of this report is to show the extensive use of the FSS C-band for the distribution and
reception of satellite TV signals. This report does not address direct-to-home (DTH) broadcast in the Ku- and Ka-bands.

ECC Report 280: Satellite Solutions for 5G

Report developed in the context of the CEPT Roadmap for 5G, which foresees a number of
different technology solutions playing a role in the future 5G ecosystem. This Report focuses on the role satellite systems can play in achieving this goal

Exploring the Cost, Coverage and Rollout Implications of 5G in Britian

The research in this report set out to understand the Total Cost of Ownership
for a 5G network w/ a high technical specification, including how the costs of deployment for this
network could be reduced.

Same Same but Different?

Video Policies for Asian Pay-TV and OTT

When will Exponential Mobile Growth Stop?

LS Telcom report that identifies how and when the growth in mobile data will slow down and the extent to which
there are already signs that the inflection point in the S-curve has been reached.

Licensing and use of IMT Spectrum

LS Telcom report that examines the extent to which the spectrum that is already identified for IMT services is in-use.
licensed and in-use.

Mobile Spectrum Forecast

LS Telcom report identifying the input values that made the model developed by WP 5D of the ITU to examine the demand for spectrum for IMT services non useable and non realistic.

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